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The Fairy of the Lake

Year of the premiere: 2013, remake 2019
Dramatization: Maria Gornic, adapted from V. Tulbure
Artistic director: Maria Gornic
Assistant director: Mariana Ivașcu
Scenography: Krisztina Nagy
Length of performance: 60 min.
Cast: Diana Boboc, Mariana Ivașcu, Octavia Petrișor, Raluca Grumăzescu, Cristian Brătoiu, Robert Copoț

A most beautiful princess was kidnapped by a fierce dragon, and he put her under a strong spell, under the waters of a lake, to make her his bride. Mălin, the fairytale prince, like any prince who pursues his destiny, starts to look for her at once and wanders the whole earth, but he can’t find her. Until one day, on a lakeshore, where he sees the Fairy of the Lake, who tells him that the princess is Mălina herself.
That is how the classic a fairytale of the lost princess starts, written according to the typical fairytale pattern. Although one can easily spot the clichés among the situations, they are originally transposed into funny moments, holding the attention with the puppetry, but also with the very contemporary and high-quality humor of the script. Hence, our fierce dragon is not inhuman, he is not at all a psychologically mysterious being. He is the surprise of the performance. However, the cleanliness of his soul, the gifts received by the prince and his quick wit stay crucial, helping him win the fight against the Dragon, as in any fairytale that we know it ends well.